Why Choose Fernbaby Infant Formula


About Fernbaby

Fernbaby is a New Zealand owned company with production occurring locally in New Zealand

Fernbaby was established in 2010 and all our products are made in New Zealand from 100% locally sourced cow’s milk.

Fernbaby formulas have been specially formulated by dieticians and scientists to meet your growing Childs changing nutritional requirements.

Each formula contains carefully selected essential vitamins and nutrients suitable for mixed feeding or when your child’s dietary intake requires supplementation.

NZ Made Baby Formula

What's the various formula stages mean?

Have you ever been shopping for formula and notice there are various stages marked on the label? What do these various stages even mean and when should you start using them? The stages are typically 1, 2, and 3 and the formula is formulated for the growing baby. Babies are more active in stage 3 when they are reaching toddler-level than they are at stage one, so the formula changes to accommodate the needs of their growing bodies.

Fernbaby Gold + Stage #1

This is the first formula to start feeding the baby, also known as newborn formula. It can be used from newborn up to 12 months. Quite often this stage is also referred to as the breast milk substitute formula and is whey dominate. Most formula's in NZ are whey dominate and based off from cow's milk with supplements to make it more suitable for a baby.

Newborns through the age of 12 months can use this formula. It will not harm them in any way, however, as the baby grows, there are other more suitable formulas for them than newborn formula.

Fernbaby Gold+ Stage #2

This stage is suitable for babies 6 months or older. Babies younger than 6 months will have a hard time digesting this formula. It is usually casein dominate and is better suited for older babies as they develop. However, if it is considered a follow up formula and Stage 1 is always acceptable as well.

Be sure to start introducing foods from 6 months on, as it is important for the babies nutrition. Babies will get their nutrition from the formula as well as food. Stage 2 is good for ages 6 months to 12 months.

Fernbaby Gold + Stage #3

From 12 months on stage #3 baby formula is a good choice. However, cow's milk at this stage is acceptable as well. But, the formula will offer higher levels of iron, which is needed for an active toddler's growth. Iron helps with brain development as growth. And, sometimes if the toddler is a picky eater, getting that iron in infant formula is the best choice. Choose what is best for your child and their nutrition. And, of course, continue to add different foods to their diet often.

Choosing an Infant Formula

Having a baby can be complicated, but picking out their baby formula shouldn't be. That's why we wanted to offer a simple yet effective guide on the various stages of baby formula options. Of course, stage 1 can be used throughout the entire first year, as it uses a breast milk alternative. However, the other stages do offer some advantages to the child.

At any stage should your child turn a month older and you have some remaining, it is always okay to feed the level below to an older child. For example, as soon as a child turns 6 months doesn't mean you need to throw away any newborn formula that you have. You can continue to use it until it is used up. This will not harm them in any way. It's just recommended as the child grows, the type of infant formula grows with them. This helps keep the nutrition they need for the fast-growing bodies and supplements the vitamins and minerals needed for strong bones and brain development.