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Since 2010, Fernbaby has prided itself in being a New Zealand family-owned and operated company focusing on the best possible nutrition for infants. With 3 children of our own, we understand the desire for healthy, natural options to supplement a child’s feeding.

Currently, Fernbaby has three offerings: 100% locally sourced cow’s milk infant formula, Estonian goat’s milk formula, and powdered camel’s milk from Dubai.

These products are specially formulated by pediatric dieticians to ensure they meet your growing child’s constantly changing nutritional requirements. Each formula contains carefully selected essential vitamins and nutrients that are suitable for mixed feeding or supplementation.

Fernbaby is a growing success with yearly expansion into territories that help us better serve our growing loyal customer base. Currently, there are over 200 physical Fernbaby stores that are ready to serve mother’s looking for the best for their babies. Our goal in the near future is to expand that number into the thousands.

In the brand’s infancy, we even partnered with the New Zealand Warriors as a tribute to the expected success and support for Fernbaby’s cause.

Now, Fernbaby is releasing a newly developed line of products, each targeting an area of concern for mothers. These area’s include traditional meal supplementation as well as concerns for beauty or those suffering from diabetes and gout. We are crafting nutritional supplements based on your needs—the needs of our customers, because your health and your baby’s health are equally important to us.

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Address: B5, 396 Rosedale Road, Albany
Phone: 0800FERNNZ