Fernbaby Super C

Super C is for natural sources dietary supplement. It provides rich berry extract-polyphenols, anthocyanins, vitamins, enhances immune cell activity, combats external environmental stress, strengthens mucosal structure and antibacterial ability, helping relieve early symptoms of colds, and speeds up recovery.

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Fernbaby Socks 10 pack
Ingredients: Lactose (lactose, maltodextrin), erythritol, coniferous cherry juice powder (coniferous cherry concentrate, maltodextrin), cranberry juice powder (maltodextrin, cranberry concentrate), Silicon dioxide, edible flavor, DL-malic acid, coniferous cherry powder (coniferous cherry, maltodextrin), elderberry juice powder (elderberry concentrate, maltodextrin), sea buckthorn powder (sea buckthorn, maltodextrin) food flavor, sucralose (sucralose) Storage Instruction: Please store in a cool and dry place and away from high temperature and direct sunlight. Serving Suggestion: 2 sachets a day dosage, for immediate consumption after opening.

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