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Breast feeding is best

This information on this website is about Fernbaby (New Zealand) infant formula product range.

Fernbaby (New Zealand) believes that breastfeeding is best for babies. Breast milk helps to strengthen your baby's immune system and provides support for your baby's developing digestive system.

Breastfeeding provides a wonderful bonding experience for both baby and mum.

If you're thinking about bottle feeding your baby, always seek health professional advice first. Good Nutrition for the mother can extend breastfeeding time.

The use of Breast milk substitutes leads to reduction of Breast milk production. It is difficult to reverse the decline in breast milk. Also consider the extra time and expense involved in substituting breast milk with any other food particularly in the first six months.

When preparing infant formula, carefully follow the manufacturer's instructions as incorrect preparation of infant formula could make your baby become unwell

Parental guidance, Infant formula products

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