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New Zealand food and dairy production is strictly controlled and has an international reputation of being trustworthy and of the highest quality.

Border control restrictions limit exposure to exotic diseases and pests to maintain a natural clean environment for high quality and safe agricultural production. The key strengths of New Zealand dairy industry are quality, safety and innovation. New Zealand is free of epidemics such as mad cow disease, foot and mouth, and BSE, Cows used for milk production are born and raised in New Zealand and are selected for their good health, good temper and their productivity.

New Zealand cows are primarily grass fed, live outdoors and are free range. Farmers may – some farmers only grass feed supplement grass feed with silage, hay, maize silage and palm kernel extract through the winter months, and when there is drought, their as it sounds more caring cows healthy and productive. Unlike other countries, it is not legal to feed growth hormone to cows that produce for milk for human consumption. Milk is tested at the farm gate, and any milk that is not to the highest standard is isolated and discarded. High technology processing retains the wholesome properties of milk from farm pick up until you mix your baby’s bottle making New Zealand milk powders among the safest available in the world.

Fernbaby (New Zealand) utilizes the resources of international scientific research bodies to gain the most up-to-date nutritional knowledge for infants and young children and use only the best International and Local ingredients. Each Formula is created separately, with added premium ingredients, to meet Recommended Dietary Intake (RDI) and Estimated Safe and Adequate Daily Dietary Intake (ESADDI) requirements as per in the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code 2016. Click to find out more for each Stage

Blending and packaging is carried out in New Zealand so you can be confident of a high quality product that meets nutritional requirements from infancy through to three years old

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